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Smash Up Derby | review | punk | compilation | Lollipop

Smash Up Derby

by Craig Regala

If you're down with the garage 'n' hot rod punk set, you've dropped a couple bills on these guys' recs already. It's a great comp for those who wanna learn about this stuff – kinda like the Atticus: Dragging the Lake comps are for the punk/pop/emo crew. AND it's got some cool unreleased stuff, all for a list price of two Rolling Rocks in el loco dive, so fuck, how can it miss? Unreleased trax by New Bomb Turks and "Demons". Here's the other worthies: NRA, The Hives, Red Planet, The Dragons (great tune!), The Hellacopters, The Nads, Puffball (love them guys), Sewergrooves, The Maggots, The Hypnomen, Mensen, The Flaming Sideburns (with a nice live run through of "Testify"), Hard Feeelings, Dukes of Hamburg, The Donnas walking over a cool Sweet tune, The Pattern, The Pinkz, and Demonics' bitchin' rewrite of some Sonics tune. Fuck yeah.
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