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Punk Vs. Emo

by Laureen Bussard

I suspect that this comp was put together mainly to cash in on everyone who has yet to jump on the emo/punk bandwagon, and will thus buy this CD as a learning experience. Truth be told, this comp is actually a pretty decent sampler for those who've been under a rock the past ten years and are now looking to be somewhat "in the know" concerning emo and punk. However, for anyone who is already into any of this music, you've already heard all these songs, and probably own all the albums. In that case, you'd be better off making your own mix tape.

The "punk" side includes some awesome tracks from great mainstays like the Casualties and the Queers, as well as some newer stuff from some of punks slightly more recent contributors like Madcap, Travoltas, and Darlington. The "emo" disc is a good listen also, including some great songs from bands like The Early November, Onelinedrawing, and Further Seems Forever.
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