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Trigger 10 D | Difference Is a Boy | review | electro | Lollipop

Trigger 10 D

The Difference Is a Boy (Wtii)
by Adrian Bromley

One of the more unique albums I've reviewed this issue, Chicago trio Trigger 10D are a hybrid act pulling in sounds and styles from across the board: Electronica, new wave, trip-hop, and many more. One might think that having too many styles would send this musically-diverse train off the rails, but surprisingly - for the most part - the trio keeps things pretty stable and dazzles us with some of their concoctions, most notably opener "Babyteen," "Siren," and "Most People Tend to Forget." In a day and age where a lot of bands are trying too hard to incorporate many styles into the music, Trigger 10D has a good handle on it, and if The Difference Is a Boy can sound this good for a debut, album number two hopefully will push the band's creativity even higher up the scale. I'm impressed and lovin' it.
(PO Box 13495 Chicago, IL 60613)  

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