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Torrez | The Evening Drag | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop


The Evening Drag (Kimchee)
by Jamie Kiffel

Driving into a setting sun, still-green trees rush by with a gleam of orange as you cruise down a winding road, summer still in your hair, Fall at your back tires. Torrez is on the stereo, much slower than you're driving, blue and echoey with Kim Torres' hauntingly soft and cracking voice and spacey, Moog-like keyboards. This could be your soundtrack for remembering: Nostalgia for the summer gone by. Smoothly produced by members Sidney Alexis and Kim Torres, this is a delicious studio record, so pristine you can hear a thumb squeak on a guitar string. With titles like "The Girls Will Haunt You," "After the Carnival," and "There are Some Places You Should Leave and Never Go Back To," this is the stuff of fond remembrance for the good times, bad times, and the times you wish you had.
(6 Sagamore Rd. Ipswich, MA 01938)

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