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Throw Rag | Desert Shoes | review | punk | rock | Lollipop

Throw Rag

Desert Shoes (BYO)
by Craig Regala

Fuck me if this don't start like the Pagans classic '70"s punk nugget "Eyes of Satan." That starts this rollin' down a hill paved by pre-punk punk (say the Dictators, DMZ, an' Slickee Boys), defined by Rocket From the Crypt the past decade, and tapped by those groovin' gouls in The Ruiners. Rooted in fertile '50s r&b rockin" this reality is served up hot in 2zerozero3. Track five sounds like a cross between Chris Spedding's band, The Sharks, and the band he produced some demos for, The Sex Pistols. Got some decent tunes, a Johnny Kid and the Pirates tune I heard Motörschool (Motörhead and Girlschool) do, and a tattoo-worthy logo.
(PO Box 67609 Los Angeles, CA 90067)  

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