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The Star Spangles

Bazooka!!! (Capitol)
by Tim Den

Seriously, I'm about the last person on Earth who would give a bucket of piss for yet another NY garage band. But when The Star Spangles rolled up, sounding more Heartbreakers-worthy than anything I've heard in, well, just about an eternity, even I had to swallow my bad jokes about thrift store clothes and not showering. With a production that rivals Rocket to Russia/Kerplunk! - meaning it's rough in all the sweet ways - these rugrats fill their mouths with fiery pop while fighting the entire bar with their guitars. You'll stomp, you'll stumble, you'll drink too much and think you know the words, you'll probably break a bone or two, but you'll love the grimy-yet-infectious hooks these guys keep punching you in the face with. Is it any wonder these guys were invited to play two of Joey Ramone's memorial benefits?  

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