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Milwaukees | This Is A Stickup | review | emo | rock | punk | Lollipop

The Milwaukees

This Is A Stickup (Does Everyone Stare?)
by Tim Den

One of the last and finest practitioners of good ol' emotional post-punk, The Milwaukees never disappoint. This is a Stickup is perhaps the band's best, pouring every ounce of strength into (old) Elliott-like anthems that recall the best of Joshua as well. Thick yet well-thought out riffs, courtesy of producer John Agnello, delivering most of the punches here. But guitarist/vocalist Dylan stands out as the tower in this fortress with simply gut-wrenching howls. This is how punk can be emotional, not Dashboard Confessional. These are the sounds of work-a-day men from Jersey, sweating over what they love and building some immensely beautiful work. Do yourself a favor and experience it.

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