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Jealous Sound | Kill Them With Kindness | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

The Jealous Sound

Kill Them With Kindness (Better Looking)
by Tim Den

Though The Jealous Sound's debut EP (and guitarist/vocalist Blair Shehan's old outfit, Knapsack) won me over at first listen, Kill Them With Kindness surprised me by not knocking me over from the get-go. I couldn't figure out why... Could it be that I've outgrown the 'Sound's poppy emo framework? Could it be that bands like the 'Sound simply sound outdated these days when compared to Last Days of April and Poor Rich Ones? Or could it be that I'm just no longer the easily-amazed college kid? Maybe all three. Or maybe I should just give the album some time.

Aaaahhhh, there we go. A few listens in, and I'm reminded why I love this kind of stuff when it's done right. The instantly emotive melodies (though Shehan does sound like he's singing the same refrain in every song), the polished-but-not-stiff production, the down-but-not-out lyrics, all hit me in just the right way when shot through the right gun. And though I'm no longer desperately clinging to albums like these, trying to relive the overdramatic romances of younger days, Kill Them With Kindness sure makes me think of picking up the habit again.
(11041 Santa Monica Blvd. #302 Los Angeles, CA 90025)

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