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Shesus Loves Me... Shesus Loves Me Not (Narnack)
by Lex Marburger

Here's the hype: Shesus is a mostly-chick band (guy drummer) from Ohio (what is it about dismal states that breed weird rock bands?) and it has members of GvB, Lazy, Braniac, O-Matic, The Method, and Robthebank. But so what? Temple Of The Dog suuuuuuuucked. Anyway, Loves You... Loves You Not is, well, indie-chick-rock. Quirky, punky, whiny, clever at times. They also do a pretty good cover of Bowie's "Hang Onto Yourself." I can see the staggered rhythms and angular riffs being a great live show, and you could easily blast this going down the highway to the beach (wearing all black and sporting combat boots, of course).
(381 Broadway #3 New York, NY 10013)  

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