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Rufio | MCMLXXXV | 1985 | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop


MCMLXXXV (1985) (Nitro)
by Lauren Bussard

I always thought I should like Rufio, you know, given my predilection for young, cute, Converse-wearing, shaggy-haired, lost-love anthem-writing and harmonizing boy bands... ok, New Found Glory. There, I said it. Despite that, I've never liked Rufio, and I definitely do not like Rufio's latest (and second full-length) album. This is why, in a nutshell: I don't think that they bring anything new to the genre that they're so clearly trying to fit into, and furthermore, I don't think that they even excel at doing basic poppy-punk (Rufio's vocals are gruff and the songs all blend tonelessly together), which honestly isn't exceptionally hard. That said, the main problem with MCMLXXXXV (1985) - and this isn't necessarily Rufio's fault, it just doesn't help their case - is that the record sounds like it was recorded in the back of a broken-down garage, and I know that even the most talented band wouldn't be able to shine through that roadblock. I feel like Nitro should be able to give our dubiously talented youngsters some better production, but maybe next time... I'm willing to give them one more shot, but this record just doesn't win me over.
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