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Spending Time On The Borderline (Kung Fu)
by Lauren Bussard

I'm sure that by now (their third full-length album), Pasadena five-piece Ozma is sick and tired of being compared to Weezer. I, however, am NOT sick of thanking the high heavens that a band finally came along with enough sense to imitate the original synth-pop style that Weezer made revolutionary back in '94 when they released the Blue album... and then basically abandoned it with the pseudo-experimentalism of their following three records (OK, put down the gun, I love Pinkerton too, but after that... Rivers let us all down in a big way).

So, I'm pleased to announce that with Spending Time on the Borderline, Ozma uses less synthesizer and more woo-woo harmonies to give us their best Weezer imitation to date. With songs like their first single, "Bad Dogs," and my favorite, "Turtleneck Coverup" (um, can we say "The Sweater Song"?), Ozma continues to play the sweet early '90s middle school-esque melodic rock that we all tasted back in '94 and have been craving ever since.
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