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Officer May | Smoking In A Minor | review | punk | rock | Lollipop

Officer May

Smoking In A Minor (Ace Fu)
by Craig Regala

Tense-ion/release hard art-gunch punk trio moving at midtempo and chiming and biting like those Wire, LaPeste, Honor Role, and Drive Like Jehu discs which really opened terrain for the angular, aggro side of the emotional impulse to take hold the past decade. There was a time full-on gut punch like this launched the rolling undertow that made "alternative rock" matter. Another good band for the next Mission of Burma or Jawbox tribute your crew puts out. If they need to make a pit stop on the way to Chicago here in Columbus, Ahia, we'll hook'm up with The Evil Queens, Grafton, and The Means to fry a few synapses.
(PO Box 552 New York, NY 10009)


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