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The War On Errorism (Fat)
by Tim Den

NOFX keep poppin' 'em out, and we just keep reviewin' 'em. As much as they like to make fun of themselves for rewriting the same album over and over again, the fact that "music journalists" get fooled by the self-deprecation still annoys the hell out of me. Cuz okay, we all know that we're not supposed to take NOFX "seriously," right? But unless your ears are buried in your crack, how could you not notice the level of musicianship these guys have reached after nearly 20 years together? Remember The Decline? Or how 'bout "American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)" from this most recent slab of (and they're gonna hate me for saying this, but it's true!) tight-as-prog punk rock? Alongside Lagwagon and Strung Out, who said punk can't be smart and sharpily-played?

Speaking of smart, seems like no one's been get able to get past the fact that NOFX have turned political and are doing a damn good job at it. These guys have more of a track record in drunken melees than social commentary, but does that mean the valid points being brought up and reasonably argued within The War on Errorism deserve nothing more than your average Joe's blow-off? "Ah, aren't those guys the jokey ska band?" Yes, and Jimi Hendrix was just a guy who played guitar.

So listen up, all your fart fucks out there: NOFX are now politically-minded and ripshit amazing at their instruments. Deal with your preconceptions. If you refuse to believe that a bunch of fun-lovin' chubby old dudes with funny hair can play and sing better than the rest of 'em, then you're one of the assholes being teared a new one in "Medio-core."

PS: These are some of NOFX's best songs ever.

PPS: Sweet ass multimedia shit on here, too. Tons of anti-Right Wing goodness.

PPPS: These guys - and Fat Wreck Chords - deserve badges of courage for taking out ads mocking George Bush all over national publications.
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