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Mclusky Do Dallas (Too Pure)
by Craig Regala

Wonderful lead off track, "Light Sabre Cocksucking Blues." Imagine Shellac kicking out a terror-struck power pop tune 'n' not changing from Shellac mode at all. Drilling, kicking, biting four-piece working up a fine 35 minutes of art punk dosed up with proper ass-end, angular playing, with a fried, wild-eyed mouthpiece. Nice to have a Too Pure release mixing their early years with the blow up tension of the Birthday Party. Spin it with Acid Ape, Rats Brains & Microchips, Officer May, and Drive Like Jehu's recently reished Yank Crime and you'll be popular. With who, dunno, but you will be... Can't wait for a buncha these bands to do a Mission of Burma tribute box set.
(PO Box 552 New York, NY 10009)

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