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Marilyn Manson

The Golden Age of Grotesque (Nothing)
by Wa

The Golden Age of Grotesque, the fifth full-length Marilyn Manson release since signing with Nothing Records in mid-1994, was produced by Tim Skold and Manson. A classic, re-vitalized return of the band to their 1996 peak form of Antichrist Superstar. Conceptually, The Golden Age of Grotesque is cloaked as an electro-metal reminiscence of the roaring '20s, America's first counter-cultural movement of the Twentieth Century. The craftmanship of each song is impecable, exhibiting a Vaudevillian structure in sound with witty interplay of words suggesting and realizing polarities in the subject matter. The chanting chorus of the Roxettes of Radio City Music Hall "Be Obscene, Be, Be, Obscene... Be Obscene, baby, but not heard" is a perfect example of a subtle but respectful nod to the writing of Oscar Wilde. Skold's programming work is spot-on and adds a refreshing new spice to the Marilyn Manson recipe. Strong tracks on the album include "This Is the New Shit," "mOBSCENE," "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag," and "Slutgarden." The Golden Age of Grotesque is at once an anthem album and a Stanley Kubrick-esque social commentary with sound. A highly recommended metal buy of the year.
(1790 Broadway New York, NY 10019)


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