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Machine (Times Beach)
by Craig Regala

One guy, one bass, one drum welded together like some cranked-out meatbot ready to tell you what pisses him off. A LOT pisses him off, and A LOT amuses him, especially his own dumbass behavior and the retardo mad parade of humanity. So what? Any pissant down at the corner drunkpourium can do the same (altho I doubt as well). Man, however, has a lumpy groove that moshes together all the humanity of the folk and punk impulse's without being "folk-punk." I mean, punk in and of itself is plenty folk enough, right?

Man rolls down the road like the lonesome son of the greatest thumping bass-loaded combo of all time: Flipper. His pacing and tempo control give him more variety than the average "fuck the state" hardcore unit. The songs are good enough that it'd be great to hear whole band arrangements of'm. So all you rockers, punkers, and aggro-folkies, here's a songbook ready to raid. Remember people, punk is an attitude and this is punk as fuck.
(118 E. 7th St. Royal Oak, MI 48067)  

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