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The Raging Sun (Bad Taste)
by Tim Den

Swedish they might be, but there's nothing about Logh that echoes their more famous countrymen such as The Hives, The Cardigans, or the Gothenburg crew. To use the word "unique" would be exaggerating, yet no other description better suits The Raging Sun and the way it conveys Scandinavian snowed-in turmoil without ever leaning on other Swedish shoulders. All the necessary components are here (ghostly pianos, floating arpeggios, lethargic vocals), yet they come together in melody chains that never invoke feelings of "hey that sounds like Coldplay/Fireside/Last Days of April." Which is to say Logh are able to present a fresh take on an otherwise familiar genre... and sometimes that's all a great album needs.
(PO Box 1243 221 05 Lund Sweden)

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