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Live Kreation (SPV)
by Vinnie Apicella

One of Germany's most "extreme" thrash antagonists nearly 20 years strong, Live Kreation captures a lifetime's worth of universally-inspired intensity as the band barrels through their entire 10-album arsenal (and then some) on this 22-show, 24-track, Sneap-snipped, first-ever live CD. The Petrozza-led combatants weave Teutonic tales of terror to the rousing delight of faithful followers, successfully uniting Brazilians, Greeks, and Koreans in a thrashing rage against everything from governmental oppression to war horrors in a brutal display of graphic magnitude delivered with an egoist vision and vicious precision. Petrozza's shriek is migraine-inducing and the band's delivery authenticates the advantage of picking the bones of an entire tour's worth of shows. The band chugs through old and new classics and the occasional exploratory oddity, from the recent Violent Revolution, to the landmark '89 release Extreme Aggression, the controversial Renewal, and unearthing from Flag of Hate and Pleasure to Kill. It's two-plus hours of guts and glory revealed by one of the scene's pioneering powerhouses.

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