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House of Low Culture | Edwards Lament | review | ambient | rock | Lollipop

House of Low Culture

Edward's Lament (Neurot)
by Craig Regala

THIS is the obverse of "ambient" rock gunk. Whereas "ambient" backgrounds and encompasses, this forgrounds and focuses. Not that "more" is going on volume etc-wise (this isn't really loud, frantic stuff; if it was, I would've said "reverse"), the "more" is found in the dedication of the composition. Whether it's acoustic-based doom folk, a rat chewing through a Melvins record cover, or some "plinking," it's placed and desires attention. Me? I'm a disco guy, and the " rhythm'n'beats," well, why don't you just guess? As an option, it's cool. Bug the library to buy it as well as some old Haffler Trio recs.
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