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Headcase | Crosseyed Rabbit | review | electro | Lollipop


Crosseyed Rabbit (Underground)
by Lex Marburger

This one's from Dean Garcia of Curve fame. He's done a lo-fi electronica album as Headcase, and it just goes to show, once you start building limitations into your schematic, you have to become more clever to produce good music. Whereas the usual bleeps and blats of the Moby contingent are slick as hell, Crosseyed Rabbit has a rougher texture, adding some choppy guitar and analog synths to the mix, distorting the drums here & there, generally making a mess. If you wish techno had some balls, or have always wanted to hear what Wax Trax would sound like if they started out tomorrow, Headcase would be the thing to check out.
(PO Box 16008 Chicago, IL 60616)  

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