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Goatwhore | Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun | review | metal | Lollipop


Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun (Rotten)
by Martin Popoff

If the first Goatwhore was rudimentary, old school black metal with elements of Bathory, Celtic Frost, and punk thrown in for stupidizing, this one's a little more caustic, vocals towards Venom, riffs more note-dense towards the meditative bits from modern calculus-core, U.S. death, even Napalm Death. But lyrically, Goatwhore (significant members: Sammy from Acid Bath and Crowbar, Ben from Soilent Green) populate a petting zoo that's sure to result in leprosy, rabies, and the sprouting of cute, fleshy horns. The duet's swampy, Satanic New Orleans depravity stains every track, and more frightfully, the intros and the interludes. A fulminating, suicidal mood is created and sustained throughout, mainly through the cocooning mantra-like qualities of each dirge. Call this Superjoint in the extreme, the imagined hot spot that that band would arrive at if Phil steered it only slightly toward Viking Crown.
(PO Box 56 Upland, CA 91786)  

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