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Get Shot (V2)
by Tim Den

While I'm extremely happy that one of my old faves have outlasted most of their early '90s Swedish hardcore counterparts, I'd be lying if I said I found their current output interesting. And believe me, saying I no longer go crazy over Fireside hurts. Their landmark post-hardcore album, Do Not Tailgate ('95), means the world to me and legions of fans worldwide, but things have been slowly in decline ever since. And although I wish the band would "break" into the mainstream and finally get some recognition as one of modern Swedish rock's foundations (a title they deserve more than anyone), Get Shot STILL doesn't do it for me. The transition from Quicksand NYHC clones to The Soundtrack Of Our Lives clones (not coincidentally, TSOOL member Kalle Gustafsson is a "fifth brother" of the band), while sounding bold and adventurous and admirable in print, has thrown the band's penchant for affective melodies right out the window. No more shivers up the spine, just jangly chords in major scales that shake your booty 'til you get bored (which is after two songs). Aaaaggghhh, I feel like I'm betraying an old friend, but Fireside have changed too much for me to remain loyal.
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