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Incredible Hulk | Collection | review | dvd | Lollipop

The Incredible Hulk Collection

(Anchor Bay)
by John Bikowski

Anchor Bay was smart enough to take advantage of the release of the new Hulk summer blockbuster. They recently released a stellar double-DVD package featuring two tough-to-find full-length Hulk specials from the live-action television series. Both episodes feature the charms of Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby, and both discs feature separate extras. If you're a fan of the show like I was, this is a must-have collection. If you aren't too familiar with the old '80s show, how can you pass up a show that offers the following: Scientist David Banner has a condition which turning him into a green, roid-raging muscle machine when he gets pissed off. All of his clothes usually burst and tear except for strategically-placed groin strips. However, on this DVD, you can find all the uncut x-rated scenes in which the Hulk's engorged, yellow wiener plops out in all its glory. Of course. when he chills out he turns back into mild-mannered Banner. Actually, I made that part up about the gamma-revved schlong. For one micro-second you really wanted to get that DVD though, what does that say about you? Well, anyways, here's the scoop on the real goods.

The first disc contains the 94-minute "The Return of the Incredible Hulk" in which Banner helps a research center build a transponder that might possibly cure his hidden beast. The transponder is a gaudy piece of machinery run by wall-sized computers with pretty lights that seem to attract some bad guys who plan to steal it. Before Banner can dose himself, one of his former students appears with a doozy of a tale. On an expedition, he accidentally unearthed the god Thor, who can be called by yelling "Odin" and squeezing a war hammer. Thor is a Hulk-sized, blonde bad-ass who has a very simplistic read on right and wrong. If you are in the wrong, he'll kick the crap out of you. Great scenes ensue when Thor frequents a biker bar to toss back several gallons of brew and to hit on the chicks. Funny stuff. Basically, the Hulk and Thor team up to thwart the theft of the transponder, and they save the day. Then, in usual fashion, Banner says goodbye to the woman he loves, and the somber piano song segues his farewell stroll along the beach.

To accompany this first feature are plenty of extras. There are two enlightening interviews with Lou Ferrigno and Stan Lee, a poster and still gallery, and some talent bios. The second disc contains the 95-minute "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk" in which an international crime syndicate tries to kill Daredevil. John Rhys-Davies relishes his role as the Kingpin and Rex Smith plays an overly-melodramatic Daredevil. The tale begins with David Banner getting mixed up in a subway mugging by some syndicate goons. The Hulk busts the place up, but somehow Banner is blamed for the attack. He winds up in jail about to be defended by Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil). The Hulk breaks out and, of course, teams up with Daredevil to overthrow the bad guys. The only thing missing is an all-out Hulk rampage to climax the film. One of the most interesting aspects of both films is how they show the origins of the other two superheroes. Thor is released on an artic expedition and Daredevil is blinded by radiation that enhances his other senses.

Accompanying the second disc is the original screenplay on DVD-Rom, talent bios, a poster and still gallery, and an 84-minute documentary on Lou Ferrigno entitled "Stand Tall." Throw in an eight-page booklet and you have a jam-packed double-disc must-have for fans of The Hulk. All we need now is for Anchor Bay to release The Death of the Incredible Hulk in which the big green one takes a digger from a helicopter, lands on the ground, and flat-out dies. Cue the sad piano music, but he doesn't walk away from that one.

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