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The Long Road Home (Deathwish Inc.)
by Adrian Bromley

For a band that's been around as long as Converge has (since 1991), they made sure that their first DVD was well worth it. Oh my! From the ultra-cool and stylish digi-pak to the professional flow of this DVD, the band held nothing back. The Long Road Home is in-your-face, brutal, and an equally stunning collection of live show and fan footage all sewn together. While there are currently loads of band DVDs out there, nothing really compares to the mammoth amount of material here. Granted, there could've been band interviews and some behind-the-scenes stuff, but three full concerts and endless amounts of fan video footage is plenty to digest in one sitting. As pointed out at the beginning of the DVD, this is "raw and unpolished" stuff and that's always been the strength of Converge on record or live. If you're a fan of the band and have experienced the band's chaos in a live environment, this is indeed something you want to snap up. For those who know nothing of the band and are curious, be careful.
(10 Lothrop St. Beverly, MA 01915)

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