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Death On Wednesday

Songs To ____ To (Sidecho)
by Vinnie Apicella

Death On Wednesday isn't your average progressive punk band gone soft. Instead, they're a digestible chunk of radio-friendly rock with pop hooks and vocal harmonies, led by Lawler's Morrisey-esque croon aiming toward the AOR class with uplifting tunes that run from airy to edgy and rarely sappy. "Simple Life" is a catchy opener with an addictive chorus that you can't help grooving to, "Born to Bleed" and "Falling" are relatable, energetic, and highly electric examples of the non-coincidental rub off from many touring miles with the likes of Social Distortion and Sugarcult. "Sympathy" and the nameless acoustic closer reflect family-man maturity, lending credibility to the idea that variety and durability play key roles in longevity long after the hit single's smoked out.


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