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Dead Soul Tribe | Murder of Crows | review | metal | Lollipop

Dead Soul Tribe

A Murder of Crows (Inside Out)
by Adrian Bromley

While I was blown away by the band's 2001 self-titled debut, I was unsure if the band could repeat itself with A Murder of Crows. I should stop worrying, because like the self-titled disc, after two or three listens to A Murder of Crows, I "connected" with the music of Dead Soul Tribe and started to experience their poetic, darkened realms of creativity. As time went on, the melodies, the hooks, and the lyrics all began to create a canvas of wonderful arrangements, and with each spin, they became imbedded in my head. Signs of good songwriters, for sure. With shades of progressive rock peppered throughout, DST also mange to work in a cool metal edge at times, as well as a really eloquent and passionate flow. Standout tracks include "Feed Part I: Stone By Stone" and "Feed Part II: The Awakening," "Some Things You Can't Return," and "Regret." I don't want to proclaim DST as one of the best bands out there right now because there are a lot of great bands, but let me tell you something, these guys are ace at what they do, and there's no denying the control their music has on you once you fall victim to it. A Murder of Crows is a mesmerizing journey from start to finish!
(1601 Banksville Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15216)  

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