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Collide | Some Kind Of Strange | review | electro | Lollipop


Some Kind Of Strange (Noiseplus)
by Wa

A collision? Artistically speaking, nothing could be further from the truth regarding the musical collaborations of Statik and Karin, founders of the influential Gothic/electronic project, Collide.

Recently, they unleashed Some Kind of Strange, their fourth full-length release and follow up to their critically acclaimed Chasing the Ghost. Some Kind of Strange is both quirky and conceptual from top to bottom, a kaleidoscope of ideas and expressions. While the first three tracks seem to search for their feet, the fourth track, "Somewhere," features drums performed by Danny Carey of Tool, and unveils an emotionally-charged atmosphere that explores the sense of joy and possibility of life and relationship, both to self and the universe. This track is certain to be a favorite among Goth and club DJs. The remainder of the album is a rollercoaster ride of dramatic tension.

Other interesting contributors include Skinny Puppy's cEvin Key who provided live drums on "Euphoria," Purr Machine's Kevin Kipnis with additional electric guitar and bass on "Euphoria," "Inside," and "Complicated," as well as Rogerio Silva's contribution of acoustic and electric guitars on a variety of tracks.

Some Kind of Strange, while not a party-down album, is perfect for chilling out and reflection.


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