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Confessions of a Man (Mad Enough to Live Amongst Beasts) (Peaceville)
by Craig Regala

Everything good about metal riffing, straight up "lean into it" drumming, angry howl/screamo/growls, (battery) acid-laced guitar, and doom-stomp brought to life by a clean, clear, natural-sounding recording. Like if you took, say, Milligram and Unsane and beat 'em into an all-out unit using the dense hard rock of Black Flag's My War as a starting point and Entombed's Wolverine Blues attack folded into this decade's cross-pollination of math/post-black-grind/hardcore, you'd be home.

The slower doom/grind-paced stuff puts 'em in league with a buncha bands Billy Anderson (who produced this disc) has worked with, both behind and in front of the desk. They've toured with Today Is The Day, and Amen's Casey Chaos asked 'em along on a trot through England, if that gives you some reference points...
(PO Box 101 Cleckheaton, W Yorks BD19 4YF UK)

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