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(Dead Teenager)
by Brian Varney

The mullet-rock post-Zeke project known as Camarosmith came into being, as do many such similarly-themed ideas, as a joke (if you don't believe me, take a look at the friggin' cover to this thing. For those who don't recognize the reference, your clue is "Black Sabbath #6"). Y'know, the punk rock guys decide to form a band that sounds like the arena-rock and NWOBHM of the '70s. I have no doubt that these fellas have real affection for this stuff and, even while playing as Zeke, there were moments when they almost approached this general terrain (i.e., their cover of "Wrathchild") but invariably ruined it by playing too goddamned fast. Even when the band lays down a pretty convincing fuzzy stoner groove as on the opening of "This Need," you can hear the guys holding the stringed instruments practically frothing at the mouth with the desire to break into a quadruple-time section, which never happens 'cause this is supposed to be classic rock. What results, then, is a feeling of malcontent, an emotion boiling over from the frustration of those involved. And, really, if those involved are frustrated with the proceedings, how can the listener possibly expect to fare? A nice try, fellas - your hearts are in the right place, but, uh, no thanks.
(1501 First Ave North B Seattle, WA 98109)


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