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Brick Bath

Rebuilt (Crash)
by Martin Popoff

If any band is deserving of the 100% American metal buzz currently swirling around Brand New Sin, God Forbid, and Shadows Fall, it's California's Brick Bath. Through the band's launched then relaunched debut (first label went bankrupt), a rock-solid foundation was set. With Rebuilt, as much fame and infamy as this kind of music can muster should drop into the band's hardcore laps without effort. Rebuilt's sound rounds the bases of extreme yet modern metal styles, from hardcore, to hardcore/metal crossover, to Pantera, Stuck Mojo, to NOLA sludge, to old school thrash, to the crushing end of nü, to happy grind and happy death (ha ha ha - laughing yet?). Using these various tools, perfect, compact, hi-fidelity songs are proposed, each fresh, each different from the one before, each an indication of what the new Anthrax could've been if a million dollars, six months work, and a hotshot nü metal producer was thrown at the project.
(4025 E. Chandler Blvd. #70B-3 Phoenix, AZ 85048)  

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