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Android Lust | The Dividing | review | electro | Lollipop

Android Lust

The Dividing (Projekt)
by Ewan Wadharmi

Like the first time Pretty Hate Machine woke dormant synapses in your callused cortex, Android Lust reminds us there are many buttons to push on that fancy beep-box. So why recycle the same tired beats in a so-did-I mediopera? If Shikhee, the one-woman band that is Android Lust, uses familiar material, at least it's composted nicely so as to grow something of its own. The drum beeps are mixed around and added to each time around instead of relying on industrial beat No. 6 to run the course of the album like a migraine. Hell, sometimes a real live drummer supplements the already inventive rhythms. In her attractive voice you'll find sweet whispers as well as the sort of rage born of passion rather than psychosis. The lyrics don't spell much out plain, but are generally concerned with sex, mutilation, and castrated relationships.

The Dividing ironically bridges the gap between darkwave and industrial mostly by consisting of actual compositions. Unique synthesized voices emulate harpsichord or baroque organ while flutes and strings offer an old-world feel that'll appeal to fans of Rasputina. Add that into the boinging and phasing that's expected, and you'll get a picture of potential. Shikhee shows that gorgeous music doesn't have to put you to sleep, and industrial doesn't have to result in a prison term for arson. (Apologies to Shock Therapy.) And isn't that what we all want in a robot lover, one who looks like Kelly LeBrock and won't take your head off? You rivetheads could use a woman's touch.
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