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Alta May | Dark Days | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Alta May

Dark Days (Glazed)
by Craig Regala

The kinda stuff that's born of the same impulse as "hard rock"* was, or "alternative rock,"** or "grunge."*** Three-piece no-bullshit guitar heave with clean varied vocals 'n' an aggressive midtempo attack that avoids marketing tags like "punk" or "metal" even as they feed off those ancient protein sources. Good songs with big-ass guitar hooks built to spill beer and wag rocker heads. Here's hoping they get the chance. Thanks to Mudhoney, Valis, Mcluskey, The Bronze, Bluebird, and Chip Midnight: So now you know the square in which they dance.
(PO Box 23033 Seattle, WA 98102)

*A band such as "The Who"
** A band such as "Orangutang"
*** A band such as "Paw"

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