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by Chad Van Wagner

Questionable title, interesting site. Essentially a warehouse of goofy videos and other junk, Punchbaby is the kind of place you can browse for hours, finding enough goofy links and Quicktime movies to fill up your friends' inboxes for months.

Yup, you can even browse by category: TV, Sick, Ouch, etc. And as a fair warning, adult clips feature in the site: Not safe for work indeed. There's also a series, featuring a character known only as "Flat Eric," kind of a third-rate muppet, which is more than amusing as well.

One must only ask: Where do they come up with this stuff? Granted, much of it is simply linked to official sites (if you ever wanted to see the Kylie Minogue lingerie ad, here's your chance,) but it seems that once a site like this is set up, this kind of stuff just comes out of the woodwork. It should also be mentioned that some of these clips are set up so that the joke is on you: A clip called "Extravaganza," which is reported to be a huge orgy of the first magnitude, is nothing more than 30 seconds of time lapse photography showing a moth flying around a glass dome. Yippee.

The Internet was invented for sites like this. Well, okay, maybe not, but it might as well have been.

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