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Penny Arcade

by Tim Den

I don't care if you follow video game culture or not, Penny Arcade is the fucking funniest online comic strip out there. Maybe you're not familiar with some of the subjects they're talking about, but the duo's (Gabe and Tycho) sense of timing, irreverence, wit, observation, lunacy, and amazing artistry is enough to make ANYONE with a funny bone roll around on the floor.

Here's an example: Ridiculing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow by offering variations of the game, such as Splinter Cell Puppy Helmet, Splinter Cell Popcorn Glasses, and Splinter Cell Peanut Butter Monkey (that last one's my favorite). Not to mention the absolutely deadpan renditions of these games' possible covers. Or how about the on-going inside jokes surrounding a watch the duo kills each other over, or the cardboard "sword" that slays anyone in sight (a five-part series is even dedicated to the latter on-going gag)?

I can only describe Penny Arcade so much without visual accompanyment, because so much of the humor here is indivisible from the artwork. And believe me, every week I am never bored or able to predict the direction the strip is going to take. That, perhaps, is the most amazing achievement of this strip: You'll always be surprised, week after week. Name one other comic that never disappoints!

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