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Head Heritage

by Chad Van Wagner

Julian Cope may be nuts, but he's got his thing nailed down. Head Heritage is a kind of launching pad for all of Copey's obsessions: Ancient religions, politics, and, first and foremost, '70s-style, crazed rock.

It's easy to get lost in the sheer enthusiasm of the thing. Cope's babbling-but-still-coherent rantings about whatever album catches his fancy (whether it be a particularly tasty Black Sabbath bootleg, or the one good Van Der Graff Generator record) is infectious. He's not the only contributor here, but his presence looms large, and his energy carries the whole site into fan overload. The reviews make you want to hear these albums RIGHT NOW, and, if the review in question happens to be the Album of the Month, you can: The whole thing is there in streaming audio.

Pardon the cliché, but calling this site a music geek's dream is only too apt. Everything from extreme obscurity to full on mainstream is fair game, and it's all available, which, as a long time obscure music nut, is a Godsend of the highest order. Yes, Head Heritage has its own online store, where you can (usually) get the objects of desire gushed about in the reviews. Even if you're not a fan of, say Krautrock, Droolian can make a believer out of you. Essential.

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