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by Scott Hefflon

Ever wanted to dissect frogs in the comfort of your own home, but without the reek of formaldehyde? No, me neither... But now you can on your computer by going to The process is neatly divided into nine sections: Pinning, cutting, and peeling, removing and inspecting important organs (lots of text messages that describe what different parts do), and the grand finale, putting a frog together with a stack of bones. It's tougher than it sounds. Even with the "hint" (a pulsing map) and handy names that pop up when you click on a part, it took me a few minutes to realize "Oh, right is left and left is right, cuz the frog's pinned on his back." (Pays to read the helpful captions, kids.) The intro statement also mentions the "pop" as you get a piece connected properly (well, it's better than a "ribbit"), but I'd already shut off the sound cuz I was sick of hearing all the cutting and slicing going on over the New Age background music. Kinda fun to make a freaky frog, with legs coming out of his head and such, but, uh, that gets boring pretty quickly. As dopey as it sounds, I felt a rush of pride when I finally got the dude together and received my "Great Job! You have built the frog correctly" message. It's the little things...


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