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Your Scene Sucks | review | compilation | Lollipop

Your Scene Sucks

(Go Kart)
by Grady Gadbow

Hard. Core. Indeed, it takes physical strength to play the kind of music on this relentless 28-song sampler. The strength of angry young men indicting the evil forces of the powers that be in lyrics ranging in eloquence from the "fuck you you fucking fuck!" of Toxic Narcotic, to "Fur is for Fucks!" by Kill Your Idols. In the proud tradition of Minor Threat, most of these bands sing in the first person singular.

Revolution Summer stands out in the guitar department with a cool recurring lead riff on their song "Humility" that alternates from distorted and staccato to clean and smooth. It's a nice piece of work showing good use of the duel guitar line-up without any wanking. Downpour even opens their track with a classical metal type melodic guitar intro before blasting into morbid cacophony, but there's no aimless noodling on this album. The one exception being the guitar solo on the Rise Against song, but they're just doing a bad Bad Religion.

Not a lot of snotty-voiced kids made the cut for this comp and thankfully there aren't too many Cookie Monsters either. Fierce bands like Sick Of It All growl out their lyrics with plenty of venom, but without forced incoherence. I mean, how much righteous indignation can you really have if you have to make damn good and sure nobody can understand what you say?

Journalistic integrity aside, I will not say anything bad about any of these fine drummers. Mostly for my own safety, as I know full well that practicing three times a week with a band as tuff as Most Precious Blood requires the upper body strength of an unruly U.S. Marine. Other bands include: The Control, Breathe In, Heads Vs Breakers, C.R., The Curse, Tear It Up, Capdown, The Missing 23rd, Wages Of Sin, Ex Number 5, Left With Nothing, Jedi 5, No Denial, Reaching Forward, Books Lie, Stampin' Ground, Engage, Let it Burn, Red Lights Flash, Ensign.
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