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Socomtonar Collection | Volume 1 | review | compilation | Lollipop

The Socomtonar Collection Volume 1

by Tim Den

A homerun collection featuring four of the Midwest's unheard of (but surely future reference points) heavy-hitters. DMS (not to be confused with the NY gang of the same name) bookend the comp with what sounds like Aphex Twin covering American Football songs... which only makes sense, since drummer/programmer Steve Lamos was once part of the 'ballers. Riddle Of Steel (featuring ex-members of The Five Deadly Venoms) slither and penetrate like liquid in different states of matter, one moment soft and elusive, another solid as an ice pick. Resonating with bottom end, these guys just might be the answer to all those depressed Shiner fans' dreams.

Ring, Cicada wrangle with their mathematical indie rock like all good Midwestern boys do, but the spotlight here undoubtedly goes to Houston. A combination of post-hardcore know-how, ambient rock guitar effects, a soaring vocalist, and choruses that just won't quit (heavy, too!), their contributions are what propel this collection from "great" to "must hear." The Socomtonar Collection: Volume 1 sets the bar pretty high right off the bat: I can hardly wait to hear future installments.
(PO Box 411193 St. Louis, MO 63141)

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