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The Giant Rock n Roll Swindle | review | compilation | Lollipop

The Giant Rock 'n' Roll Swindle

(Fork in Hand)
by Tim Den

20 bands – spanning multiple genres – coming together under artist Shepard Fairey's infamous "Obey Giant" moniker in hopes of continuing the fight against corporate advertising. As Fairey states in his well-articulated liner notes, "people are not used to seeing advertisements or propaganda for which the motive is not obvious. Frequent and novel encounters with 'Obey Giant' provoke thought and possible frustration, nevertheless revitalizing the viewer's perception and attention to detail." Right on, my main man. Nice shout out to Marshall McLuhan's "The Medium is the Message," too.

So just who are getting down with the street artists and the voice of everyman? Smart pop-punkers (Big D And The Kids Table, The Lawrence Arms, Avoid One Thing, Softball, Smackin' Isaiah, The Bouncing Souls), garage revivalists (The Hives, The (International) Noise Conspiracy), "ironic" electro hipsters (BS2000, Peaches, Gonzales), angular indies (Mindlikewater, Drexel), and a spotlight-stealin' track from the ever elegant Helms. An intelligent battle plan and a sportin' soundtrack to boot? What are you waiting for? The cover of this thing's even a stencil! Pick it up and start spreading the message! More obeying: The Suicide Machines, The No W.T.O. Combo, Favorite Atomic Hero, The Lot Six, The Icarus Line, Modest Mouse.
(PO Box 230023 Boston, MA 02123)

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