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Summer Solution | 2002 | review | compilation | Lollipop

Summer Solution 2002

(Reason Y)
by Tim Den

Hell, there might be life in the Northeast local scene yet. Summer Solution 2002 gives me hope that perhaps the New England area does still produce great bands and isn't completely wasting audience's time with hyped-up bullshit garage rock/emo acts who dress the part. 16 – count 'em – mostly excellent bands, with everything from instrumental noodling (Fiesel, Helicopterejectionseat), to female emo (The Warren Commission, Surface To Air), to The Jesus Lizard worshipping (Delvic, The Idiot Toaster). Some nice spazz attacks thrown in there for good measure, too (Tristan Da Cunha).

Two bands stand out the most: Bird Gets The Smile's Cross My Heart-meets-Jawbox dual singing/aggressive post-hardcore indie (whew!), and Milch's (from Bogota, Columbia) urban beat-oriented, sultry/gloomy electronica. Jaded Northeasterners (or anyone interested in untapped talent, for that matter), pick this up.
(PO Box 145171 Coral Gables, FL 33114)

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