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Special Goodness | Land Air Sea | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

The Special Goodness

Land Air Sea (N.O.S.)
by Craig Regala

The notes say "Pat" was a founding member of Weezer. They also say "Atom" was in Rocket From The Crypt for ten years. This is their record. Closer to Weezer in texture, feel, structure, and pacing, with the drums/bass existing solely to lay a bed for the vocals and guitar melodies which are windsome, pensive, and talky-friendly. Land Sea Air exists in that place for kids who like power pop/120 Minutes "college rock" and radio rock hair metal. So it's kinda like that one successful Urge Overkill record for the Dashboard Confessional generation. Ergo it has Mighty Lemon Drops/REM sublimated roots as opposed to Loverboy/Boston. Seeing as I have one tape in my car (where I spend most of my listening time), and that's a Venom collection, well, fuck... ya know? Have a nice day. I really do like the guitar a bunch though, I just wish it was in Hum or Swervedriver or Red Cross... etcetera.
(7711 Wish Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91406)

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