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There Were Wires | review | hardcore | Lollipop

There Were Wires

by Adrian Bromley

With a definite nod to cult faves Deadguy and the posse of peers who worked alongside their crusade, There Were Wires dive headfirst into an assortment of wonderful anarchistic numbers of built-up aggression and the furious fire of rebellion. These Boston-area lads are smart and play their music with a certain formula, not really breaking away too much to dabble in other odd ideas/styles. Listeners won't be able to get the infectious drive of "Stop Motion Aesthetic" and "Prepare For Collapse" out of their heads. TWW's latest is pretty damn good, but this band has so much more potential. Remember their name.
(1085 Comm. Ave. PMB 318 Boston, MA 02215)  

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