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The Music

The Music (Capitol)
by Tim Den

Hype band #158897. "The" band #2277648. What? They're retro Zeppelin/Sabbath/Mark Bolan British revivalists? Get out of town! Okay, so these guys take a lot more drugs when writing songs than the next up-and-coming retro act (evident in their psychedelic, echo-ridden, trail-of-sounds repetition of riffs and vocals), but don't you already own that one Iron Butterfly album? And yes, rumor has it that The Music's live shows are untouchable... but I ain't at no show when I put this album on and start yawning. Either they failed to capture their live prowess on tape, or the difference between their shows and recording is bigger than most. All I know is that this album bores me to tears.

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