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The Gathering

Souvenirs (The End)
by Scott Hefflon

I kinda gave up on The Gathering years ago when they switched from metal to some kinda poppy stuff, and I never looked back. But seeing as I trust The End Records to find interesting/quirky corners of metal worth exploring (call it avant, call it art, call it real progressive and not the joke that prog has become, which is stale), I gave this sucker a shot. Someone said that since I loved Antimatter (ex-Anathema dude doing triphop stuff, great late-night music, also on The End), I'd like The Gathering, so I fought my "wow, why does anyone like Lacuna Coil?!?" revulsion and fell in love with Souvenirs. Moody and expressive, sometimes dreamy and scarce, sometimes "triprock," Anneke is now using her lovely voice comfortably, not trying to win awards or showing off. There are echoey, warm moments, like, dare I say, The Cranberries. Very unmetal, sure, but there's delicate, dark beauty here in the quiet moments... Think blood dripping on flower pedals at daybreak if you need the excuse... But there are moody rockers here too, so it's not like you'll start wanting to wear lipstick and frilly skirts if you listen to this a lot, ok bud? Anyone into dreampop or mellow, non-dance Gothy music (like Projekt's bands) should check this out.
(331 Rio Grande #58 SLC, UT 84101)


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