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The Format

EP (Western Tread)
by Emily Joyce

The Format is an acoustic, synthesized, pop band relying on hand claps and drum machines to convey an inspired '80s sound. The two gentlemen that make up the The Format - Nate Ruess and Sam Menas - are childhood friends, both having previously played punk. They now share dueling vocals and work each other's emotions on their first self-release, EP, out on Phoenix, Arizona's Western Tread, a label formed by Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. The Format has a somewhat retro, upbeat, Jimmy Eat World, All-American Rejects sound. Whether it's the folky vocals of the two emoting in "Let's Make This Moment a Crime," or the poppy, radio-friendliness of "The First Single," or the more garage trashy, raw sound of "Even Better Yet," The Format creates a crisp, new, singer/songwriter beat and are too catchy for their own good. The Format's debut EP will be followed up on Elektra Records later this year.
(PO Box 661 Tempe, AZ 85280)


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