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The Dubnicks | Rejection Builds Character | review | punk | Lollipop

The Dubnicks

Rejection Builds Character
by Tim Den

Ah, The Dubnicks. Back at it again with more Descendents/Weezer power pop about how Phil (guitarist/vocalist) can't get any play. Ever. Sound familiar? Sure it does! They've got two previous releases! Seriously, girls, cut the guy some slack. Maybe next time he'll write about being in love and having kids and shit.

The man can write hooks, though. "Falls Apart" (not to be confused with "Fear of Falling" from '01's How to Be Cool) is a perfect example: Vocal melodies caressing the warm creveces of the chord progression, tasteful arpeggios plucking all the right notes... sure beats anything on Drive-Thru. Even bassist Wes Wingate chips in a lead vocal turn on "Please Don't" that makes most pop punk sound like immature baffoonery.

All in all, if you just can't get enough of that sugary power pop (eternally laced with boy-girl sexual politics), it doesn't get any better than The Dubnicks.
(PO Box 424 Beverly, MA 01915)  

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