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The Cruxshadows

Wishfire (Dancing Ferret)
by Wa

Wishfire is the fifth full-length by The Cruxshadows, and their eighth release overall. It consists of 14 new tracks and one mpeg video. The mpeg live performance of "Eurydice" from their full-length Echoes and Artifacts is a generous offering to fans, but it hurts them more than it helps them by exhibiting an audience that is both sparse and unengaged by the song. Perhaps recording the video at a smaller club with the right ambience rather than at a daylight-infused outdoor festival would've been more indicative of a true Cruxshadows performance.

The music, on the other hand, is vintage The Cruxshadows; a blend of new wave, Goth, and electronica. Lead singer/songwriter Rogue's voice comes across as inspired by the drones of Gary Numan with a hint of Peter Murphy.

Wishfire displays the fruits of a nearly decade-long pursuit of recording and performance by The Cruxshadows. It shares a little bit of everything you've come to expect from a Cruxshadows CD. "Spectators" is an engaging trip-hop track lyrically reminiscent of "Told You So" by Depeche Mode, so it's sure to be a hit. "Carnival" is performed in a Carnie sonic atmosphere, blanketed by lyrics performed in a Les Miserables method of delivery. "Binary," "Tears," and particularly "Resist/R" are excellent dance/club songs.

Ultimately, Wishfire is a wise investment for those who've heard of The Cruxshadows but have never been brave enough to sample one of their CDs.
(4906 Monument Rd Philadelphia PA 19131 )

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