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The Adventures Of Jet

Muscle (Suburban Home)
by Emily Joyce

The Adventures of Jet's Muscle is a concept album inspired by muscle cars and fueled by keyboards. But what else would you expect from a band formerly known as Bobgoblin? The slightly altered line-up of the AOJ decided to leave the get-up and fiction to concentrate on the music. Featured on this year's SXSW tour, Dallas natives AOJ have been praised all around, and Muscle is an example of their wacky but successful pop sound. Muscle is chock full of synth keyboards and Hammond organ goodness combined with an awesome rhythm section and pulsating power cords. Combined with mellow, matter-of-fact vocals, AOJ is dead-on in making a rocking good CD containing songs like "Run Charger," "Drag," and "20 Q's." Featuring a consistent, friendly sound, Muscle is a fresh breath of air.
(PO Box 40757 Denver, CO 80204)  

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