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Spitalfield | The Cloak Dagger Club | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop


The Cloak & Dagger Club (Victory)
by Emily Joyce

Spitalfield's The Cloak & Dagger Club EP combines indie and rock influences with a dark sound. Comparable to the musical stylings of Thursday, or a harder version of Saves the Day, Spitalfield uses soft drums with fluctuating guitar strums that tease your ears, and then pound them, experimenting with different keyboard sound blips along the way. Spitalfield is a young band, and you can hear it in the energy and through the stories in their songs: The adolescent life trials we face in our 20s. Spitalfield are victorious in their debut on Sinister Records, and their first full-length scheduled to come out on Victory in June 2003.


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