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Since By Man | We Sing The Body Electric | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Since By Man

We Sing The Body Electric (Revelation)
by Adrian Bromley

If there was a record in 2003 that truly knocked me on my ass (and I didn't see it coming), it would have to be Sing the Body Electric by Since By Man. The band's dynamic display of creativity, melody, and eclectic bursts of passion send an electric current through my body with each listen. Hardcore, rock, and melody never sounded so lush and chaotic. And the production by Kurt Ballou (Converge, American Nightmare), woah! The guy works wonders with bands, managing to harness their best elements and showcase them, without over-glorify them. The key to this album is that there's a varied mixture of ideas, with each song showing an ample amount of dynamics and its own identity. Call it maniacal or beautiful, Since By Man will leave an impression you won't soon forget.
(PO Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615)  

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